Review: Virtual Archery

Stephen Watson
November 9, 2018

£27.95 available from Genie Gadgets

Another of the crazy fun gadgets we got sent recently is Virtual Archery and as someone who loved watching Robin Hood, I could not wait to play with this gadget.

This product is made by Thumbs Up! The product is a collapsible bow unit rather than the standard wood bow of Robin Hood times. The Virtual Bow we have is made of black and grey plastic with a thin string added to the authenticity to the bow aspect. The bow can be folded for storage or transport.  You also have a holder for the smartphone in the middle of the bow.

The Smartphone plays a vital role for the bow and is where you have the ARcher app needed to use this device. Heads up this download even with Wifi on takes ages so go make a cup of tea or take the dog for a walk it will take a while as the file is a whopping 329MB.  However, Once it downloads let the fun begin.

Please note the bow needs two AAA batteries as it needs to be powered for the pairing etc.  Now its time to bring out the inner Robin Hood the first offering the app gives us is a practice buy targeting 6 targets so you get a feel for the gadget after each arrow flys it automatically resets.

You get the chance to play 6 different games and personally my favourite game is “The Walkers” which is a zombie game and you have to fire all of the zombies to win this is great fun and moving the bow will help target the arrow to hit the target or zombie.

This gadget is just great fun I have not a bad word about this and truth be told I cannot put this down its just so much fun.

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