Review: Retro Gaming Mat from IWOOT

Stephen Watson
November 9, 2018

Retro Gaming Mat- £22.99 from IWOOT

The Retro Gaming Mat is a fun little gadget that you can connect to your TV to bring you a taste of 80’s Retro Games on your TV. This was great fun for both the adults and the Kids in the room with a flashback to the 80’s with very basic games and that sound that makes us all remember playing the Saga Megadrive when we were 6 years old.

The Retro Gaming Mat comes with over 140 different games and is not a bad product to fill some time when having friends round.  In terms of the design, you have the Mat plus a power cable and an RCA Cable. Now the problem we found with this off the bat is the RCA Cable they did not fit in our Smart TV and then when we connected them to an older TV it seemed to work but as I said this is fun for about an hour after that you would get a little bored.

Another negative I found with this the instructions where very basic and it would help if there were some instructions on same of the games as with some we found we were guessing what was right. So if they were to improve this get rid of the RCA cable and replace with an HTML Cable they could have a winner here.

However, for a trip down memory lane and for only £22.99 it was fun and like I said it provides a few laughs between family or friends and that the main thing.

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