Review: The Plantronics BackBeat GO 810

Stephen Watson
November 9, 2018

Plantronics BackBeat Go 810 Available from £139.99 in Black, Blue or White

Here at What Mobile, we have been lucky to test a number of wireless headphones some with Noise Cancelling Technology and some without. Next on the review list is the Plantronics Backbeat pro 810 They claim to have noise cancellation technology but are they any good?

The BackBeat Go 810 retail at 139.99 and come in 3 colours Black, Blue & White. For this review, we have been given the Blue pair to test out. So when they arrived and I got them out to test they look great really simple in design but and are made of a combo of plastic, metal & Silicone with the Headband made of plastic with padding with a cushioned plastic.

The earcups are made of combo of plastic and silicone and inside they use faux leather for the earpads which i have to say are quite comfy for wearing for long hours i have used these for over 4 hours and not once did they hurt my head wearing them. So if you were to take these on a long plane trip you would not be disappointed.

What is also nice about these headphones is that the metal that holds the earcups turn to let you fold the earcups flat when travelling and not using them.  They do come with a soft bag but am more of a case fan for headphones so that would be my only negative in terms of design. In regards to the design and appearance of these headphones. In the box you get a soft carrying bag, USB Charge and a 3.5 mm cable to convert to a wired connection.

The  Headphones on closer inspection have everything you would like and expect from headphones like these. The Left cup is where you have the playback and volume control you also have the 3.5 mm jack and the Micro USB Port to charge the headphones. The right cup is where they have located the Power and the ANC button is located.

My only wish is all headphone manufactures stuck to either Micro- USB or USB-C otherwise I have cables all over the place but that is just my opinion.

As for the sound, they sound good if you can live with a little crackle when they hit the base heavy songs but it is only occasional so not a major issue.  Now the ANC does make the sound more clear when on but in terms of the ANC being effective if that is what you are buying them for the Skullcandy Venue perform better. As the BackBeat Go 810’s block some of the noises on the daily commute but standing up on an underground train I could still hear people talking.

I was impressed with the battery life if you have ANC over your looking at about 22 hours and if you used them without the ANC it can take you to over 28 hours according to the Plantronics I found I got near 30 hours of use so for headphones that cost under the £150 mark this is impressive. I also found the range impressive as these headphones have a range of 165 feet/50 meters which for headphones in this price range is good.

Overall if you’re looking for a great ANC I would maybe look around to some of the other makes such as the Skullcandy Venue.  However, they are an affordable pair of ANC headphones for those who don’t want to spend over £150 and can look past some of the faults we have found.

Would I buy these?

Sure thing they are comfy on and for those that travel lots these are a great option. The design is also really nice they look smart don’t dont give you a headache when on which is great for these long trips on the train.  In terms of the Sound and ANC as mentioned you can buy better on the market but you wont be disappointed with your purchase.

A solid 3.5 Star pair of Headphones.  

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