Review: JVC (HA- S65BN-B) Superior Sound Overhead headphones with ANC

Stephen Watson
April 30, 2019

Available for £74.99 from

The second of 3 audio treats that JVC sent us was the superior sound wireless with ANC and a bass boost function. They cost £74.99 which is the cheapest of the range that has a focus of using ANC. The may be the cheapest but they are packed with features which could make you feel they are worth more.

Design wise I feel JVC have got it a little wrong here they look cheap and that could put some people off without even giving these headphones a try.  

The are made of plastic on the outer of the cup.and the headband is also made of plastic. However, the redeem themselves with the cushioned top of the headphones to add comfort but one of the USP’s is the earcups have a memory foam around each cup making the comfort 5 stars.  

The style of these are all black with the JVC logo printed on the cups which don’t make them stand out i just feel they look a little cheap compared to the HA-S90BN-Z from JBL we previously reviewed. I know there big price difference but i would have liked more. They also don’t fold away the cups do swivel which does help with storage when not in use.

The controls on this headphones are also on the right cup with the volume control from the top with the Play/Pause and call control button. The you have the power button that also doubles with the base boost function. Then you have the ANC switch and last but not lease the AUX input, Micro USB port and a small hole for the microphone for when your making calls.

Set up on these where like any other headphones just simply pair with your phones bluetooth and that is it your ready to roll. The bluetooth signal also also very good i never experienced any cut outs when i used these. The connection distance on these are 10m which is very good for headphones of this price range.  

Sound wise you have 2 additional USP’s with these headphones the ANC & the bass boost function. I personally love anything that gives me an extra bass and these did not disappoint. You can turn the bass boost button on by tapping the power button and you will hear 2 small beeps that is the indication the boost is activated. You get a 25% increase in the bass by using this feature which really does make a difference. The overall sound is ok, however, When listening to Alice Murton Lash Out the Highs got a little distorted at times which was a disappointment but apart from that the lows and mids sound very good and the bass is also great made even better when you turn the bass boost on.  

These headphones are also given ANC technology which you can turn on via the switch on the right-hand side ear cup. The sound is improved slightly when the ANC is on but as for outside noise it cuts out most midrange sounds like conversations on the train out but when a bus sounded his horn I heard that as clear as day and had hoped the headphones ANC might have cut some of the sounds out.

Battery wise you are given 11 hours when the ANC is on or 16 hours without the ANC. If you keep the bass boost on all the time you will notice a reduction i prefer to only using it to some music when i know the track is bass heavy.

Overall, These are great headphones for the cost but i feel the look of these headphones is what let them down a bit as they do look cheap compared to other headphones in that range like the Kitsound District of the same price.  

The sound quality is good and the highs being a little distorted are only noticeable with a trained ear. What I love about these headphones is for under £100 you get ANC and also that bass boost that makes my listening that much more enjoyable.  The battery is also very good you get a good couple of days to use out of these before they need charging. Comfort wise the memory foam on the cups allow the cups to shape to your ear and feel really nice to wear for long periods. So if you can look past the cheap looking style these are very good headphones for £74.99 with a bundle of great features and a years warranty.

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