Review: JVC Xtreme Xplosives Truly Wireless Earbuds (HA-XC70BT-R)

Stephen Watson
May 3, 2019

Available for £149.99 via

Recently we have covered the Premium range from JVC in this review we cover there attempt at truly wireless earbuds in the shape of the Xtreme Xplosives Truly Wireless that costs £149.99.

They are part of the Xtreme Xplosives range that includes :

  • XX-On- Ear Wireless: £129.99
  • XX In-Ear Wireless- £49.99

The Truly wireless are the most expensive in the range brought to us via well-known brand JVC who have brought the Xtreme Xplosive and premium ranges out to reach that top spot in the portable audio market. The Xtreme range I feel is going after the young age range 16-24-year-olds that currently brands like Skullcandy have a hold on however they are offering a more premium product compared to Skullcandy at that price range.

The packaging on these are designed to grab the attention of a younger audience i asked my teenage sons what they thought and would the packaging make them pick up the earbuds to try out compared to others in that sector and they agreed they would pick these up solely on the design.

Open the packaging up and you’re greeted with the 2 wireless earbuds and what can only be described as a canister shaped charging case that does make me worry when I go on holiday soon as the charging case looks like a grenade of sorts. (another reason for them to search me on holiday).

Connecting these earbuds to your phone I found a little annoying at first as when you take them out of the charging case the first time to pair you have to do them one at a time which does take a bit longer than a normal pairing process and you have to hold the 2 little buttons on the side of the earbuds to connect them. Maybe an idea if your pairing £150 use some NFC technology to get rid of this issue.

The earbuds are nice designs they look cool with two XX on the front of the bud and with JVC printed on the top of the earbud. The drivers are 5.8mm and the earbud looks and feels very comfortable in your ear even for long periods of time this is done with the use of rubber casing for a secure fit and added protection.

The Earbuds battery life is 3 hours but the case gives you a full charge three times giving you a total of 12 hours listening time which is still of something like the Jabra Elite 65T that gives you 5 hours charge plus the charging case gives you an extra 10 hours. In regards to these earbuds my only negative was, I would want more than 3 hours at a time playback at any one time.

JVC has given you a charging case that not only can it take the bashing of daily life with the addition of a key ring that allows you to keep on your bag when travelling. The case also gives you that 3 additional full charges and this is shown on the case with the 4 LED lights which show for each full charge and indicate when you need to give the case a charge and this can be done with the micro-USB which most people have around the house but you are given one in the packaging as well as some different size buds.

JVC also allows you to link the earbuds to the JVC headphone manager which is ok it’s not the most detailed app you ever have on your phone by that it shows the battery live, has a find my earbuds function and the best feature the standard to bass boost function.  

The bass boost gives what are a decent pair of earbuds that extra punch. It’s almost like turning the earbuds up 20% everything just sounds better from the lows to the bass it will make you want to keep the bass boost on all the time but when am listening to a podcast that when i revert to the flat profile as you don’t need the extra juice you get for the boost.

Overall, they sound very good i was impressed with the sound range they offer and the bass boost does make a different if you listen to something like The Love you left behind via Michael Schulte when you switch between the sound profiles you can really tell.

The find my earbuds feature is a little bit pointless if you ask me as it only works when the earbuds are not in the case which in my view if they are not in the case they should be in your ears but i guess it’s a nice touch for someone just not me.

Overall, this effort from JVC is not a bad try in fact i very much like them they are completely wireless and the fact you get 12 hours charge/playback means they are great for the daily commute were you can turn the bass boost on and really enjoy your music. If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that fit nice and are comfortable over a long period of time and allow you to use one earbud allowing you to multi-task. Then these are a very good option and £149.99 it seems JVC have targeted that young listener who loves some bass and nailed it here.

Available for £149.99 via

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