Review: JVC (HA-S90BN-Z) Premium Sound Wireless Headphones with ANC

Stephen Watson
April 29, 2019

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This is the first of 3 products from JVC we are reviewing and this is a brand that represents 13% of the market share in a largely populated market place where they are competing with the likes of Sony, Kitsound, Apple, Beats by Dre and many more.

What JVC are now trying to do is enter the premium audio market space and have very good products in that £50- £150 price band and have given us the following to review:




First up is the JVC- HA-S90BN-Z these are an up date on the first version the HA-S90BN and are basically the same apart from having a face lift and amendments to the sound and comfort. They are still wireless over-ear headphones that have a bluetooth connection and have ANC & NFC  technology built in. They are very comfortable headphones and have been a nice addition to my trip to work.

The cost £119.99 and its not had to see why if your spending this kind of money you want your headphones to be comfortable and look good and they tick both boxes. They have a full size ear cup with a thick padding that help create an element of noise isolation in just there design which is a big plus. The headband is nice and slim with leather cushion on the top of the head band that adds to the comfort.

The style of these headphones are not overstated with a full black matt design and the JVC logo printed on each cup and the right cup having all the controls around the cup. The cups have a plastic outer shell with silver trim and as mentioned they look good and you could be thinking from first view these could easy sit in the over £150 mark on design only.

They also fold away which is great for when i have got to work and want to pop them in my bag as they dont take much room, The cups also swivel to add to the convenience of storage.

Finally the right ear cup is where you find all the controls and you have the following: Power button, Micro USB port, AUX input, Volume control, Play/Pause and call control and last but not least ANC switch.

Setup is very simple make sure you have your bluetooth and and with the inbuilt NFC technology simply turn them on and bingo they are connected.  The Bluetooth signal is fantastic i have been using these as my regular pair now for a good 10 days and these did not provide a single cut of singal meaning i could enjoy my music without interruption.

Sound wise I liked the quality of the mid range and uppers granted you can find better on the market but the do a respectable job and the sound is nice and clear however i would have liked for a richer sound but to the general public they would very much enjoy the sound quality. They have a very enjoyable bass that comes with them and this can be heard when your playing something like “Rhys Lewis- Living in the City”. The same can be said for the vocals very clear sound.

The ANC that is the major feature of these headphones is not bad it got rid of the majority of outside noise like people talking on the train or a passing bus it does cut most of the noise out. Some high frequency noise does creep in.  The ANC does improve the sound quality it really gives you a much better mid range.

Battery wise its where these really show why they are £119.99 you get 16 hours when you use both the ANC & bluetooth or 27 hours without ANC turned on and this is the feature that i love the most as i can charge these once a week and they will last for my round trip to work.

So overall, you have quality design, decent audio quality and the bonus of NFC & ANC technology which all together create a nice quality headphone.  Would i pay the £119.99 sure thing as these impressed me in every aspect. If you’re looking for quality design, nice sound range and ANC technology and very long battery life you can’t go wrong.

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