Review: IFROGZ Little Rockers Costume T-Rex Kids Headphones

Stephen Watson
August 21, 2019

Available for £29.99 from

The Headphone market is booming currently with lots of new brands for both adults and even your kids.  In this review, we are covering the IFROGZ Little Rockerz costume T-Rex headphones exclusively for your kids. 

These headphones cost £29.99 and come in the Green T-Rex style we are reviewing but also come in 6 different sizes and the prices range from £17 to £24 for the other styles such as the bunny version below.

These headphones enhance the listening experience for your young children but at the same time allowing you as a parent to make sure their ears are protected as these headphones has a limiter that won’t go above 85 decibels. 

The design looks good for kids with the T-Rex spikes you will find on a T-Rex tail on the top of the headband and the headband and the cups are made of plastic. On the cups, you get on the outside a white cover with a cartoon T-Rex image on the earpads they are made with a soft green fur fabric that is comfortable for your kids to use over a long period of time. They are fun looking pair of headphones.      

These headphones are wireless and on the right cup you have the power button as well as the volume and track control. You also get the audio jack with a coiled cable that is 1.2 metres long so you can create a wired connection but what I really like as a parent is the inclusion of the buddy jack audio splitter that allows me to plug my earphones in to hear what my kids are listening to.

As for the sound quality your you get 30mm drivers that for the price sound decent you get quality sound for your kids who won’t complain as you get a crisp clear sound. 

So overall these headphones are a great gift for kids up to the age of 7 years old kids older might find them a little young as my nephew loves who is 6 but my sons who are 15 and 14 years old were not interested they wanted my headphones.

My only negative would be the fact they are made of plastic as having kids you want a product like this to be able to take some bumps and I worry these could break quickly.

For £29.99 if you want your kids to have a fun looking pair of headphones with decent sound quality go buy these.

Available for £29.99 from

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