Review: Energizer Hardcase H10 – The Tiny Adventure in your pocket

Stephen Watson
August 19, 2019

The Energizer H10 Available from Amazon for 29.99

Energizer is a brand we know of that produces batteries and in a world of smartphones where people seem to always carry a powerbank for an extra charge. One brand is giving us the chance to use a phone that won’t die after a days use.

Drumroll, please€¦. Welcome, Energizer Mobile to the table!

Energizer Mobile has been manufactured by French Manufacture Avenir Telecom and produced 22 different phones under 3 different sub-brands – Power Max, Hardcase & Energy. In this review, we are covering the Hardcase H10.

This tiny little phone packs a punch and gives you a battery that lasts 5 whole days! This phone is perfect for someone who wants to use a phone as a phone and not a mini-computer. This phone is like Ronseal it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a rugged phone that gives you a monster battery and other features such as a powerful torch, shockproof and is IP54 rated.

Packaging like the H550s I have reviewed recently the packaging is a metal case that really does give that rugged feel to it and inside you have the phone which is made of mainly of plastic on the front and back but its a budget phone. Also in the case is the Micro USB charge case, …

Design-wise its a small phone that fits perfectly in your pocket and is designed for those who like to explore in nature and needs a phone that can handle the elements as this phone is IP54 rated meaning its water-resistant and dust resistant which is a good thing when using this phone in the outdoors. 

The phone as mentioned is small and has a screen size of 1.8 TFT display screen meaning its not a massive screen but that does not matter as like I say the users of this phone are not the social media type that are constantly on their phone.

It is for the rugged phone buyer and with that said it has a drop resistance of 1.2 meters. You will also notice this phone is quite basic in design but that is the beauty of it the H10 boosts front and back camera which are very good considering the cost and means you can capture your adventures or in my case me falling into a ditch and my girlfriend crying with laughter.

Other Design features this phone has is its a 2G feature phone meaning it will do the job for making calls and sending a text and very basic internet use with the use of WAP internet. The phone also has Bluetooth 3.0 and has a Mediatek MT6261A MPU meaning you get a smooth and even quite a fast user experience considering this phone costs less than my train ticket to work at only £29.99. This phone also has 3.5 mm jack and is charged by a Micro USB Charger.   

What I love about this phone is its dual sim meaning you can have your normal chip for UK calls but if you’re going travelling you can also use an international chip. You also have the chance to have a Micro SD Card of up to 32GB which is great for storage when you’re taking pictures of you travelling. 

The Star of the show with this phone is the incredible battery life it has 1000mAH that gives you 125 hours standby time or 9 hours of continuous call life. Energizer says it will give you 5 days of charge but I took this up to 6 days but it will depend on usage.

With a battery like this, you are also given a powerful torch meaning you will be able to see when sunsets on a day of adventuring.

So overall this phone is perfect for the explorer in the family with a battery that will last for days in fact 5 days. It has a very bright torch and with benefits such as being a Dual Sim phone and also allowing for a Micro SD card that gives you up to 32GB of storage its ideal. 

The phone is also IP54 rating which is not bad but for a phone am using in the outdoors I would have liked for waterproof instead of water-resistant but for the price I can overlook this issue. So if your looking for a tiny phone with a massive battery and decent features this is a great little phone and at £29.99 you won’t be heartbroken if you lose it.

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