Review: Final Audio E1000 Earphones

Stephen Watson
August 16, 2019

We were recently sent over the Final E1000 earphones to review. Personally, I feel cable connected earphones like these are becoming a thing of the past with the user wanting more audio wireless. However, there are still people out there who use this style of earphone.

Final Audio has been providing products since 2019 but Final started back in 1974 since then they have created a range for the entry-level In-ear monitors and have produced the E1000, E2000 & E3000. We had the chance to put the E1000 through there paces.

Costing £29.99  and available in 3 colours Black, Red & Blue and these are budget earphones and on first impressions you can see these are a in the budget sector as the earbuds are made of plastic. However, you will notice you will be getting a Hi-Res Audio quality.

Now in the box, you don’t get much you have some instructions and you also get 5 pairs of ear tips (XS, S, M, L & XL)   

Design-wise they are quite small but that is a good thing as they help create good isolation. The cable used is a rigid but decent design but that’s good when you want the cable to stay in shape. The buds are designed of plastic material of the for the science lot it’s designed with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

The sound quality of these earphones are delivered by a single dynamic driver and offer 102 decibels and the sound quality is a warm, dull and very neutral sound but these cost £29 don’t expect much.

If you look into the sound profile in more detail you will notice the lows are quite accurate considering the cost and the sub-bass gives you a decent amount of bass but if you are a fan of bass it might not tick your boxes. In terms of the mids its, a very different story you get a warmness in sound and listening to something like Freya Ridings Lost without you.

The E1000 gives you a smooth, rich sound which made listening to music from Freya Rudings a really enjoyable sound.  Unfortunately, the highs are where these earphones fall down for me. I found the high peak created fatigue in the ear after a few hours use but as long as you don’t take it to its peak you have a good sounding pair of earbuds.

Overall, the E1000 gives you an above-average sound quality considering the price and when you consider the design as well these are more than your likely to find at this price so they are well worth considering.

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