Review:  Groov-e Play Buds- An alternative to Apple Air Pods?

Stephen Watson
December 6, 2018

 Groov-e Play Buds- £59.99 from Groov-e

There are so many different types of earphones on the market it can be a minefield to figure what ones will be the ones for you. In this review, we cover the Groov-e PlayBuds.

For some of you that are in the know, this is the second product from Groov-e that we have reviewed. The play buds are a budget pair of earbuds under £100 at £59.99 available from the Groov-e Website ( Just in case you did not know Groov-e are a UK Company.

So the Groov-e PlayBuds is a budget pair of earbuds that give you the following features:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • True Wireless Stereo
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Charging Case

Now when these arrived packaging wise they look ok you get the two earbuds, a different size eartips, charge case and user guide and micro-USB charging cable.

The charge case uses magnets when fitting the headphones in for storage or to charge them the magnets to help hold the earbuds when charging. At the back of the case, there is the micro-USB charging port.  I personally find the case cheap looking your spending basically £60 and you get given a cheaper plastic case this I feel makes them seem cheaper then they are.

The performance of these does not make you want to get up and rush to Amazon to buy, yes it’s easy to power them up simply power up the left then the right earbuds a negative here when I want to turn my headphones/earbuds I want one button to turn both on. Pairing these are the normal challenges of holding the power button for few seconds to get the pairing to happen.  Once done you won’t have to worry about pairing again. Something interesting about these is you can connect to 2 devices and will get a notification about which phone they are connected. So a nice touch if you have a personal and work phone.

The earbuds are very lightweight but to be honest most earbuds on the market are. The design of the earbuds uses a lot of plastic which is also a tell-tell sign of a budget pair of earbuds.  My only concern is the fit of these headphones to me felt like they might fall out so off-putting for some.

Once you get some music on the sound quality is the one major positive the bass and the treble is simply fantastic but these are let down by the fact they felt like they were going to fall out.

The battery of these earbuds offer 3 hours of playback and we ended up just shy of that mark but you also have the case to give them some extra charge so that was not bad.  I would have hoped for more playtime but that is because I been spoilt by the Jabra Elite 65T’s that all these earbuds with less than 5 hours charge seem to not cut the mustard.

So overall, if you want earbuds that have decent sound these have to be considered but I found the fact they always seemed to fall out a bit of a negative but if you can see past that for £59.99 you have the budget alternative to the Apple Airpods or Jabra Elite 65T.

Priced at £59.99 from Groov-e.

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