Review: Advanced Accessories Fusion Premium Wireless Earphones

Stephen Watson
December 6, 2018

Fusion Premium Wireless earphones by Advanced Accessories- £9.99 via

The second product we have been given by accessory brand Advanced accessories is the Fusion premium Wireless Earphones.

These earphones are similar to the fusion premium wireless headphones in terms of the features given such as Bluetooth connectivity, 4-hour music playback, 180 hours stand by, track control, call handling. What makes these different is two things: The Price being at £9.99 and the other being the fact both earphones have magnets on the back of each.

Now first impressions it’s really nice and professional packaging which I feel makes a difference when paying that kind of money.  Along with the headphones you are given Micro-USB cable and user guide and two different pairs of silicon earbuds depending on the size you require.

In regards to the design of the earphones they are made of metal and a silicone ear bud they are connected via a clear plastic cable and on the right-hand side, the cable runs through a 3 button controller. The cable sits around your neck.

They don’t look that bad the overall presentation is good. If I was bought these my first impression would be not a bad pair of headphones. Now, these headphones would be ideal for the gym as they are lightweight and a good fit when working out.

Now the performance of these headphones like the overhead version they are good for a budget pair of headphone with a good level of bass and decent highs.  The issue I have with these is the controller, I am a little heavy handed and changing the track or the volume the controller was so sensitive. You will get used to this after a while but the first few times I used the headphones after that you do get used to them.

Now the main negative with these again is the lack of battery power 4 hours usage so I just about get to use these for a full commute to work and back then its charge time. What is even worse it takes 2 hours to fully charge these.  Please increase the battery length!

The USP on these is when you are not using them they can sit on your neck as both earphones have magnets on the back of the earphones creating a link so they don’t fall off if you pop them out of your ears when not using them or having a chat in the gym.

So overall, these are not too bad I feel the pricing might be a little high compared to overs brands that produce a similar design on the market. The sound and design of these are decent but I find the controller a bit heavy when wearing the earphones and the controls are a bit sensitive. However, yet again they fall down with the lack of battery if you are buying headphones like these you want more then 4 hours battery.

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