Review: Advanced Accessories 3.5 mm earphones with Microphone

Stephen Watson
December 6, 2018

Advanced Accessories 3.5 mm earphones with Microphone – £3.75 from Amazon.

The third item we got asked to review sent via Advanced Accessories was the Fusion earphones with microphone wired headphones.

Now these the cheap and cheerful headphones we all used to use when going to school now at £3.75 do not expect much but sound wise they what you can expect you get a lot of echo but overall the sound is not that bad.

I would use these as my emergency pair when my wireless earbuds run out of battery as they are the Ronseal of the audio entertainment world.  They have a long cable (1.2M cable) and the microphone is not perfect quality but it was not that bad come on for earphones that you get change of a £5 note.

Earphones themselves are plastic with plastic tips they are cheap looking but also mentioned you have earphones for less than £5. Comfort wise they are ok for short trips then they would become uncomfortable in my ears.  

They plug into most phones with a 3.5mm jack but they will soon die out as technology in phones like the iPhone X do not have the headphone jack any more.

So overall, If your looking for an emergency pair of earphones that also allow you to make and receive calls these are the pair for you the only negatives you will find is there no volume control and the cable is very long so you could get them caught and then snap the cable but at £3.75 who is worrying.

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