LKER Grace Ultra-Portable Loud Speaker Review

Thomas Wellburn
December 12, 2016

The LKER Grace Ultra-Portable Loud Speaker is a tiny Bluetooth speaker that manages to pack one hell of a punch, all for less than twenty quid.

Your first thought when opening the box is “they must be joking”. What sort of quality sound could a tiny tube less than two inches high possibly produce? The answer comes quickly after easily pairing it to your phone, tuning up the volume, and hitting the ‘play button. Instantly the room is filled with an impressive thumping sound that will have those who don’t know looking for the bookshelf speaker that must surely be pumping out the impressive volume.

Setting up and pairing the Grace to your music player or Bluetooth phone couldn’t be easier. Press the ‘on’ button and a charming female voice will welcome you with a pleasant “hello”. Keep the button pressed for a few seconds longer and the Grace will be discoverable for pairing. No passwords are necessary. After that it will atomically and quickly pair with its host device up to 30 feet away.

Charging the batter is as simple as inserting the supplied mini-USB cable. The speaker also has a standard 3.5 mm auxiliary jack for connection to devices not equipped with Bluetooth. The ‘Grace’ Bluetooth loudspeaker is a perfect travelling companion when luggage space is tight. The package includes a leatherette snap-fastener case to protect the ‘Grace’ from the rough and tumble of travelling. Just as well.

To produce that impressive base sound the speaker diaphragm which shakes, rattles and roles the air above is unprotected. This is not a problem when the Grace is left alone to pump out the volume, but it could easily be damaged by being thrown around in a loose bag. The bass sound is particularly robust for such as small speaker. While not enough to alarm the neighbours you’ll still have to use a bit of discretion in a thin walled hotel room.


A tiny Bluetooth speaker that performs well beyond what its tiny footprint would suggest. If you need something truly portable that can thump out decent sound, the LKER Grace Ultra-Portable Loud Speaker is an absolute steal. 

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