Aroma Bluetooth E-Diffuser Review

Thomas Wellburn
December 12, 2016

The Aroma E-Diffuser is an inexpensive diffuser/humidifier that can be operated wireless using your smartphone or mobile device.

There’s little to say about the packaging, as it comes in a basic brown cardboard box with little else to see. Inside you’ll find the diffuser itself, a power adapter and a measuring jug for pouring in the liquid. It’s the bare essentials that you’ll need to make it work and nothing more, though you can hardly expect anything more. The manual is simple and concise, offering several steps to get things up and moving. The unit itself is finished in frosted plastic and feels sturdy. Build quality is perfectly acceptable and we have no qualms in it withstanding the odd drop or two.

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On the bottom of the unit you’ll find controls for the lights and mist, while a power socket is discretely tucked away underneath. The positioning of the power socket is a bit odd and once you’ve plugged in the adapter, you’ll find it very hard to remove afterwards. Thankfully, that’s not really an issue as the diffuser will spend most of its life stationary in a corner pumping out aromatic vapor into your room.

Being a smart diffuser, the Aroma comes with a dedicated application available on both iOS and Android which allow Bluetooth control of the unit. Setup is straightforward and the app supports control of multiple units at once. We’re not sure why you’d have a bunch of diffusers operating at the same time but we can assume it would make for a pretty light show regardless. Operating remotely is pretty fun though it’s worth noting that thanks to the controls at the bottom it’s also possible to use it without the application should you wish. This could make the smart feature a bit gimmicky if it wasn’t for the advanced timer settings you get within the app, allowing you to decide when the diffuser jumps into action on a given day.

We found the unit to operate well and the max load of 100ml lasts a really long time. If you fill it up to the top there’s little chance you’ll need to change it for a few days, which is very convenient. You can use it as both an Aroma diffuser and humidifier; it just depends on how you fill it. Running noise was very quiet with only the faintest buzz; you’d need to have pretty sensitive hearing for this to become an annoyance.


It’s simple and it’s cheap but more importantly, it does the job. if you’re after a diffuser/ humidifier that won’t break the bank and can be controlled remotely, the Aroma Bluetooth E-Diffuser is well worth checking out.

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