The ION 360 U – Takes Pictures To A New Level? – Review

Stephen Watson
August 14, 2018

Available for £99 from Argos

So recently we have been given the ION360 U and being someone who enjoys taking pictures and with a family BBQ the weekend this seemed that the perfect time to put it through its paces.

So the ION360 U is an easy to capture 360-degree product that gives you pictures or video using your existing iPhone and the add-on camera now known as the ION360 U.

The box arrives and the excitement starts to rise will this take my picture taking and video making to a new level? So inside you get a charging case and the camera attachment which unfortunately only allows Apple or Samsung users the chance to play so I got hold of an iPhone 7.   Now at a first look sure it allows the process of capturing 360-degree footage but is it worth the money as for months it was nearly £300 and only recently being priced at £99.  

Now you will notice when you put the charge case on and the ION360 U your phone increases in size and weight. Now it is heavy but with the increase in the battery a whole extra 1260mAH it does seem like a good addition but does make the phone bulky so popping it in your pocket a challenge.

There a LED Strip at the back which is an indication of the charge level and with the micro-USB point you can charge both the phone and the case. The Camera attachment pops on and off with ease at the top of the handset which if your travelling I would not advise keeping the camera attachment on all the time as you might damage it. Just simply use the little bag when travelling it will thank you in the long run.

Using the camera make sure you first download the app which helps you use the camera.  Once done simply turn the camera one via the little button on which is located on the side of the camera and you will see a little white light when connected. Now there are 3 options you can use:

  • Still image
  • Video
  • Live Streaming via facebook or Youtube.

I would have hoped for a few more features like filters when you take a picture on Instagram but no such luck. The camera can capture video at 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution and 30fps, and still images at a somewhat paltry-for-VR 7.2 megapixels. I was a little disappointed as the colours lack vibrancy which I think really is something they need to improve on. However, Image Stitching is something this product shines as there no noticeable overlap creating a seamless result.

Would I buy one well the case does extend battery life something apple users would enjoy as we all know a power bank should come with an iPhone as standard. Now the bulk of the case and the camera does put you off a little. However, being able to capture everyone in the room or when we were all sitting down outside got the whole family excited so yes I would buy this product as it did what I wanted and that was capture these magical moments of laughter that being with family is all out about.

The product can be bought from Argos at £99

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