KitSound Diggit Outdoor speaker- Review

Stephen Watson
August 17, 2018

Available from Amazon & Robert Dyas for £39.99

The Kitsound Diggit is a speaker I have personally been looking forward to trying out I got to see this before the release and instantly wanted one. This speaker is completely different to anything I have seen as it gives you a removable plastic stake which allows you to place it in between the garden flowers or even in a sand pit. #GameChanger!

The design is a mix of faux wood and tightly woven fabric mesh the design would not look out of place in a garden centre. The connection to the outdoors does not stop there it with a plastic stake for use in the great outdoors. One downfall to this is you can’t stash the stake when you’re not using it but it’s not a major issue as you will want to have this outside all the time in the summer for BBQ session.

The Speaker has four rubberised buttons on the top and they are:

  • Power
  • Volume-UP/Down
  • One for answering calls hands-free.

There not a play/pause but if you hit the phone call button is when you have no call it has the same effect. Skipping tracks can be down simply by holding down the volume buttons for a couple of seconds.  A light up ring surrounds the buttons when you power up the speaker and as an indication and when it’s pairing with your phone. It also flashes when there is not any music reminding you to turn it off if not being used.  To aid with the waterproofing or shall we say splashproof the aux & power ports are covered by a rubber flap and it’s rated IP55 which is what I meant by splash proof don’t take a chance and leave it outside in the rain.

As for the sound we had a mix of all sorts from Pop to Rock and it seems to handle most but if you were to try and play something harder like heavy metal it will struggle a little.  The base is not as strong as others in the range but for what I wanted it to do is simply play background music when the family was here for a BBQ it did a fantastic job.

I did notice one great little addition is if you buy another you can connect both and have them either side of the garden you get a lovely sound after some pairing trickery. The Diggit also offers 360 degree sound which was a nice touch as everyone could hear the sound.  The game changer with this speaker is the stake it as it brings the 360 sound to life and makes it a lot better than just being on the floor. Granted it’s not a massive difference but looks great.

Battery life we are quoted 8-hours but when I used it I got about 6 but it may not have been 100% charged so I will take their word for it but it kept the BBQ music flowing for the whole day so no complaints. You are given a warning when the battery is running low as you get a red flashing light around the top and the sound drops a little. So make sure you grab a charger to carry on your day.  It takes about 3 hours for a full charge as it only comes with the cable you need to find a USB Plug but if you’re like me that won’t be an issue I have loads.

As long as you’re not expecting the sound given by something over £100 then you have a little gem and something I have used a lot since it arrived.

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