The Mous Limitless protect case – Drop your phone a lot this is for you!

Stephen Watson
August 6, 2018

cost £34.99 for the S8 case and come in 3 different stylesReal Walnut, Carbon Fiber, Real Black Leather

Recently I was at an event and come across and company taking a hammer to an iPhone X and I was stopped in my tracks!!!

Welcome to the room Mous who were showcasing the Mous Limitless Protective case. This is the company who went to an iPhone launch and asked people to throw the phone up in the air to prove this case will protect the phone. It went Viral online!

I asked for the limitless case to fit a Samsung S8 and a few days late arrived the case. The packaging is white and green with a slid open draw in which hold the case and the screen protector. On the back of the packaging, it says the case was military protection drop tested and mentions the fact this company come about from an Indiegogo funded project that raised over 2Milion Dollars. It also says the case is protected with Air Shock technology which I will go into more detail shortly.

Now the only person I know with an S8 is the future father-in-law so when I said I need to ask you something I think he thought I was going to ask a different question.  I asked if I could test his phone with this case and take a hammer and even run a nail down the screen and drop it a few times you can guess his look said a thousand words.

After the shock, I then got to work on the case and was highly impressed once we put on the screen protector and the Limitless case it was time to see what this case could do.

Firstly was to drop the phone which is the most common way people damage their phones and when we dropped it in the garden onto concrete no damage at all not a single mark. Then at the PR event, Isaw the case being hit with a hammer and the screen attacked with a nail so I thought might as well try and give the future father in law higher blood pressure. So I took a hammer to the back of the case and still nothing. I then grabbed a 6-inch nail and tried to make damage on the screen and still nothing.  

So this case did exactly what was asked of it and protected the phone in two ways:

  1. The Screen protector most of us might put our keys in the same pocket as the mobile but with the screen protector, not a single mark as it comes with a very strong screen protector.
  2. The Limitless case is the star of the show as it comes with Air Shock technology that uses micro air pockets that absorbs impact which is why it can take a hit from a hammer or if you drop your phone its safe this is one case I want protecting my phone.

The concussion to this review is if you want a phone case that will protect your phone from everyday damage to someone even driving over your phone this is the case for you.  To get your hands on this case they . Mous also do these cases for iPhone 6 to the iPhone X and they also cover the Samsung S9 so all new handsets covered.  My only disappointment is I have a OnePlus 5T and Mous don’t currently do the case for that phone that my only negative.

Here the promotional video which shows the damage a case like this can take:

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