Xiaomi Mi5s render shows dual-camera system

Manny Pham
July 8, 2016

A Xiaomi Mi5s render has surfaced revealing a device with a dual-camera set-up, similar to the LG G5 and Huawei P9. Dual-cameras are taking over.

It’s getting pretty obvious now that Xiaomi are working on a follow-up to the Xiaomi Mi5, which impressed us and many when it was launched at Mobile World Congress, back in February.

The render looks like an advertisement poster, one for the e-commerce website or any promotional medium. Of course the two lenses bolted on the back got our attention. Accompanying the dual-cameras is the expected flash sensor.

Xiaomi Mi5s

With the Mi5s now supposedly getting a dual-camera system, it adds more speculation that rivalling smartphone manufacturers will also adopt the innovative feature. Manufacturers are constantly trying to slim down devices while offering heavy spec cameras. A dual-camera system seems to be the natural way to do it, without having to fashion a sleek looking brick.

The iPhone 7 has been heavily rumoured to be sporting a dual-camera system as well, we would be surprised if it didn’t, come later this year.

Xiaomi Mi5s to continue power play

With the lowercase ‘s’ in the name, we’re expecting Xiaomi to go down the Apple route (as they have many times) and offer a device that won’t offer much new, but an upgrade in raw power.

Apparently the Mi5s will sport a bigger phablet sized 5.5-inch screen, but it won’t upgrade to the flagship standard of quad HD, instead sticking with the full HD seen on the Mi5. A Snapdragon 821 makes the most sense for the new Xiaomi device, despite the fact Qualcomm has yet to announce the new chipset. A whopping 6GB of RAM will also accompany, as it looks to be the next standard in flagship RAM.

Force Touch is one new feature that might appear, it was first introduced by rivals Huawei, in the Mate S. Apple also adopted the technology with 3D Touch.

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