Samsung Galaxy J Max phablet rumoured to be huge

Thomas Wellburn
July 8, 2016

The Samsung Galaxy J Max phablet could be a monster of a device, if a picture revealed by Twitter leak king Evan Blass is anything to go by.

The device is expected to carry a massive 7-inch screen, which would definitely put it in the category of tablet. For somebody to carry this in their pocket would probably be counter-productive, unless you’re wearing those seriously uncool cargo pants from the 1990’s.

In fact, the only reason the device has been classified as a phone is because of the internal hardware it possesses. It’s technically too big to be called a smartphone at all. With dual-SIM capability, and support for international carrier bands, including LTE, GSM and HSDPA, they’ve managed to give a tablet smartphone capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy J Max phablet is one huge smartphone


There’s currently no other word on when the device will launch or what is inside, but we can tell from the leaked picture that it’s big. Very big. Also, since it’s part of the J series, we can assume that it will be in the budget end of the market.

If big is what you’re ultimately after, the Samsung Galaxy J Max phablet could be a viable alternative to other cheap competitors such as the Xiaomi Mi Max.

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