Xbox TV shows to hit One, 360 in early 2014

Jamie Feltham
December 16, 2013

Remember the Xbox One reveal where Microsoft revealed original Xbox TV shows? Those will start hitting in early 2014, it’s been confirmed.

Microsoft TV exec Nancy Tellem has said as much to Variety. The company is aiming to get its first show out in the first quarter, though admits it may postpone released until the second. As for which shows will go out first, no names were mentioned.

Apparently the company has had difficulty getting its message across to media partners, hence the delay in content delivery. Tellem explained that the company is seeking all sorts of deals from exclusives to timed exclusives.

When Microsoft revealed the Xbox One earlier this year, it did so with a huge focus on TV. An original Halo TV show was announced, with Stephen Spielberg involved as executive producer. Hopefully this will be one of the first shows that comes to the service, although there’s plenty of other gaming series that we’d like to see get the show treatment. What would you like to see out of the first Xbox TV shows?

Source: Variety

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