Xbox One controller costs revealed, tried smelly prototype

Jamie Feltham
November 19, 2013

Last week saw Sony launch its PS4 in the US but this week it’s all about Microsoft’s Xbox One. Ahead of the Friday launch, the cost of the flashy new controller has been revealed.

Apparently the company spent some $100 million on developing the new controller. That’s quite a lot for a controller that resembles its (pretty perfect) predecessor quite closely.

But Microsoft reportedly did dig around with some new ideas. One such innovation was a cartridge that would give off smells. That’s smells relevant to the game your playing, not just a nice air freshener. Another much more expensive sounding idea was a built-in projector. That would have worked similar to illumiroom, Microsoft’s idea for full-room immersion.

What we have instead is the very nice Xbox One controller. It’s a shame we won’t see any of these more wacky ideas, but the controller itself is rock-solid. The Xbox One launches this Friday.

Source: GamesBeat

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