Nokia Devices and Services sale to Microsoft made official

Jamie Feltham
November 19, 2013

Rejoice, Nokia fans – the Microsoft deal is official! The Nokia Devices and Services unit officially belongs to the tech giant from now on.

That is to say that Nokia shareholders have approved the deal, with 99.7 percent of shareholders voting in favour of the sale. That accounts for four-fifths of Nokia’s shares. All told, the deal is worth around $7.2 billion. Former Nokia CEO will now return to Microsoft to head up the devices and services team.

Microsoft’s plans for its new additions aren’t clear, though we’re sure at least the Lumia line will continue, given the sheer amount of recent entries, like the Lumia 1520. What Elop does with the team will be fascinating to watch, especially given that he may soon be in charge of the entire company. From now on Nokia devices are Microsoft devices.

Source: The Verge

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