Galaxy Gear sales hit 800,000, most in South Korea – Updated

Jamie Feltham
November 19, 2013

Updated: According to an update from The Verge, these numbers actually represent what’s been shipped, not sold. That kind of twists the story a bit, doesn’t it? Actual ‘sales’ of the Gear remain unknown, then.

Original Story:  The troubled life of the Samsung Galaxy Gear has been well-documented over the past few months. But now the company has released a few Galaxy Gear sales figures to try and quell the negative reports.

It turns out that the Gear has shifted some 800,000 units since releasing in September. A total of 50,000 of those are attributed to South Korea, which gives you a little perspective on how it’s doing worldwide. Samsung claims that the Galaxy Gear sales put it as the ‘most sold’ smartwatch available.

Right now it’s only really pitted against the Song Smartwatch and Pebble’s own effort. The much-rumoured iWatch could well give the Gear a run for its money, though. In other positive news, the Gear recently got an update to all for full notifications.

Source: The Verge

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