Windows Phone market share hits new low, Blackberry non-existant

Thomas Wellburn
July 13, 2016

Statistics released by Kantar Worldpanel show that the Windows Phone market share has plummeted to a new low this month, while Blackberry is almost non-existant.

In Spain, currently the worst market for Windows Phone devices, the operating system has just 0.2% of the overall market share, down 0.4% on the previous month. Blackberry continues to stagnate at 0% share, which it has held since April 2015.

Meanwhile in the UK, Windows Phone market share also continues to drop from its record high of 12%, which it achieved back in July 2015. The operating system currently sits at 5.1%, where it has pretty much dropped month-on-month from the initial figure. Blackberry is even more dire, with just 0.4%.

Windows Phone market share still best in Europe

It hasn’t been completely bad for Windows Phone however with France and the United States both showing subtle increases in market share. The USA has always been considered one of the most difficult markets for the OS to penetrate and overall share has always been grim, though the 0.3% rise over last month is at least a small consolation. Europe as a whole tends to be more embracing of the Windows OS, though as recent figures have shown, things are looking bad for Microsoft.

The company has recently shifted major efforts away from their smartphone division, laying off 1,850 employees from the former Nokia division in May. They also dropped the feature phone sector completely, with the focus now on business and cloud. There’s no word on if Microsoft will ever release Lumia handsets again, but we can assume that the Surface Phone will become a reality.

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