Pizza Hut chatbot orders you food on social media

Thomas Wellburn
July 13, 2016

Food giant Pizza Hut wants to make your ordering experience even easier with the launch of a Pizza Hut Chatbot, an artificial service that can intelligently take orders.

As artificial intelligence continues to improve, we’ve seen a bunch of these ‘chatbots’ popping up around the internet. Essentially a computer algorithm that talks to users based on a bunch on number crunching, prediction and raw data, they allow a certain degree of interactivity depending on the application. We’ve seen this applied in both good and bad ways, with perhaps ‘Tay’ being the most memorable chatbot in recent memory. Microsoft unleashed this virtual female account onto Twitter and watched in horror as she degraded into casual racism and insults, putting into question humanity as a whole.

Pizza Hut chatbot wants to make life easier

Thankfully, Pizza Hut is offering a much more useful service that could actually make your food orders a little bit more convenient. Developed in partnership with cloud computing tech company Conversable, it allows Facebook and Twitter users the ability to order their favourite pizzas directly via social media. For Facebook specifically, they will be able to link their Pizza Hut accounts directly, showing things like past orders and promotional deals.

Pizza Hut is not the only food outlet to debut the technology, as Whole Foods has also implemented something similar where the chatbot can suggest popular recipes based on your interaction, though we think the former is more interesting.

The service will debut in the fall this year across the company’s numerous social media channels, with Chief Digital Officer for Pizza Hut Baron Concors providing a short demonstration yesterday. What do you think? Could this be the start of automated ordering without the need for a website? Let us know in the comments below.

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