Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be unveiled August 2nd

Thomas Wellburn
July 13, 2016

Samsung has begun sending out invitations for its newest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handset, which is due to be unveiled August 7th.

The company hinted about the handset in a recent tweet promoting their upcoming Unpacked event. The GIF showed a number of stylus pens arranged in a circle, pretty clear evidence that this will be a Note launch.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7: What we know

There’s currently little concrete knowledge on what to expect in the Note 7, though sources point to an Exynos 8893 or Snapdragon 821/823. RAM will be 6GB, while the panel will be a 5.7-inch QHD display. Renders leaked by Twitter user Evan Blass showed a handset that looks quite similar to the existing S7 edge but with a larger footprint. That said, it does look like Samsung could’ve made the bezels even thinner, which means a very sleek device indeed.

samsung galaxy note 7

There’s also a chance it could include the newest version of Android 6.1, after it was spotted in recent benchmarking tests. The update was expected to go live in July/ August, so the launch would coincide quite nicely. Previous rumours of the handset shipping with Anroid 7.0 could also be true, especially since Google themselves hinted to a Q3 release. The OS name could simply be an internal one used to hide the fact it’s running Nougat.

You may have noted that the company seems to have completely missed the Galaxy Note 6, though the move is intentional. Samsung claims to have done this as a means of creating synergy between the two device lines by bringing their naming conventions up to the same level.

What Mobile will be at the Samsung Unpacked Event on August 2nd 2016, so stay tuned for more info.

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