Windows camera apps updates detailed ahead of 8.1 release

Jamie Feltham
October 16, 2013

The Windows 8.1 update is due to hit tomorrow and it brings with it a host of improvements. We’ve heard a bit about what’s new, but what about the Windows camera apps? How will they benefit from the latest release?

Microsoft has let us in on a few details. For the most part, 8.1 includes a host of essential improvements including auto fix for a selection of different corrections. On top of that there’s manual cropping, red-eye removal, retouch, and a range of basic contrast and brightness settings. You’ll now be able access the app from the lock screen for faster selection, and it will be possible to take individual photos during video recording. You’ll even be able to fit multiple images together with a new panorama feature that links to Microsoft SkyDrive.

Elsewhere, there are some hardware-specific improvements. Certain cameras (right now limited to the one of the Surface 2), will sport a feature called Photo Loop. Basically, this starts taking photos as soon as you activate the app, allowing you to rewind through images to get the perfect shot. Basic video editing will also be available through a movie moments app. The Fresh Paint app will also get an update, with improved pressure detection and watercolour rendering.

You’ll be able to upgrade to 8.1 tomorrow and the improvements to the Windows camera apps certainly makes a great case for doing so. If you like your software updates built-in, then the Surface 2 will be launching on October 22nd.

Source: The Verge

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