Windows 10 Mobile just got an update (and you can’t have it)

Thomas Wellburn
June 17, 2015

Microsoft has just pushed out a new update for Windows 10 Mobile that some preview testers will unfortunately find difficult to install.

The update brings the operating system to version 10136 and sees improvements to Cortana and the User Interface. However, the build is only going out to a select few devices who signed up to the ‘Fast Ring’ preview program. Even then, it will only be available if you downgrade to Windows 8.1. Only the most eager should proceed with jumping through those hoops.

What’s New?

If you do take the plunge, you’ll be happy to know there’s a few things to get your teeth stuck into.  The Photos app has gotten an improvement and will now let you finally organise photographs by month. Double-tap to zoom has also been included and some Lumia users can now make use of the Beta Camera application, which allows 4K video recording.

The update also brings improved one-handed navigation, using a similar technique to what Apple has done with the iPhone 6 Plus. By pressing and holding the start button, you can slide the screen down to access icons that were lurking at the top and difficult to reach.

The final feature worth noting is a little less important but still a nice touch for those who enjoy viewing their lock screens. You now get a transparent PIN pad when inputting your passcode, meaning that the full background image is visible. If you have a pet image that always makes you smile, I’m sure this subtle enhancement will make you happy.

One For All

As Microsoft’s Windows 10 mobile continues to edge closer to completion, one can only wonder when the public will actually see it. The desktop version is scheduled for July 29 and rumours suggest we won’t see the mobile version until October. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of an advance release, as Microsoft already has a very good track record of giving early versions to users. Much like the Preview for Developers versions of Windows Phone 8.1, it wouldn’t surprise me if a near-finished version releases sometime around the end of August.

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