Resistance is futile – Blackberry considering Android

Thomas Wellburn
June 16, 2015

Several rumours are speculating that Blackberry could be considering a move to Android in the future, with a custom repackaged OS similar to Cyanogen.

Blackberry 10 is a great operating system, make no mistake. Utilising a highly efficient micro-kernel and featuring full Android app compatibility, it failed on many levels due to poor marketing and too much competition. A small fish in a big pond, they never had the financial backing that companies such as Microsoft and Apple enjoyed.

As the platform continues to sink lower, Blackberry are supposedly considering alternative options to help improve customer adoption figures. Reuters claims to have information from two sources, which both say the company may be considering a switch to the Android.


Mirroring how Cyanogen currently functions, the operating system will be a custom version of the popular Google OS which carries over some unique features from the old BB10 days. This would be achieved by taking the Google source code and repackaging it with some heavy modifications, essentially creating a completely new experience.

The custom OS is expected to debut on a new device codename ‘Venice’ which combines a large touch-screen with a physical sliding keyboard. Further rumours suggest it could be the handset which debuted at MWC 2015. Word is that the device in question it could have in fact been co-developed with Samsung, which explains how it managed to get that stunning EDGE display.

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Of course, it’s important to take these rumours VERY lightly. The company are remaining very tight-lipped, refusing to confirm or deny anything that has been mentioned. A generic press statement to PCMag was the only response that the company has made, saying,”We don’t comment on rumours and speculation, but we remain committed to the BlackBerry 10 operating system”.

We do know that the the company has confirmed plans to bring some of its patents to iOS, Android and Windows. However, this could be feature-specific rather than an entire OS repackage. Personally, I think it’s more likely that we will see things like Blackberry Hub moving to other platforms as opposed to a Android/BB10 hybrid.

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