A universal blunder – Microsoft clarifies Skype app

Thomas Wellburn
June 16, 2015

Microsoft has today clarified the situation surrounding the state of its Skype applications, revealing that there will be a Universal Application after all.

A lot of people got confused several days ago when Microsoft announced that the modern/metro version of Skype would be killed on July 1st. With no mention of a Universal App, it was presumed that the company was perhaps prioritising the desktop version instead.

Well today, that rumour can be laid to rest. Microsoft has come clean and announced that there is indeed a Universal App coming that will replace the defunct modern/metro version. The application will be fully integrated into windows 10, meaning you’ll get the same experience across all Windows devices. To quote directly from Microsoft, “Our users can choose the right experience for them”.

This basically means that nothing has changed, with users able to download whichever version they wish. The desktop version will continue to have the most features, while the modern/metro version will offer the same simplified experience that current users of the application enjoy.

Panic over. Go about your business as usual. Microsoft is not Abandoning Universal Apps.

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