WATCH: Amazon Fire Phone gets another exclusive new game in spooky Til Morning’s Light

Saqib Shah
October 14, 2014

The Amazon Fire Phone is to receive another new addition to its currently small games catalogue in the form of the action-adventure title Til Morning’s Light.

The Amazon Fire Phone exclusive takes advantage of the device’s dynamic perspective through tilt controls that will aid players in navigating the game’s haunted house setting.

The upcoming title was co-created by independent games studio WayForward – known for the likes of DuckTales Remastered and Aliens Invasion – in collaboration with Amazon Games Studio.

Til Morning’s Light will see players assume the role of teenage girl Erica Page as she finds herself locked inside a haunted New England mansion. The touch and tilt-based controls of the Fire Phone will allow players to navigate all the corners and rooms of the spooky site. The ultimate aim is to collect artefacts that will help you lift the mansion’s 200 year-old curse.

The gameplay will involve solving puzzles and even indulging in some combat, no doubt against ghastly ghouls.

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For those worried that Til morning’s Light may not be appropriate for children, worry not because – as the above trailer shows – this is definitely of the comical horror variety rather than a straightforward frightfest.

The partnership with a new studio on the title shows that Amazon is committed to refreshing its games catalogue. This should come as a relief to owners of the Fire Phone, who might have been worried that Amazon would give up on its first smartphone venture following its underwhelming reception.

Additionally, Amazon has also announced the release of two more exclusive games, this time for its Fire tablets. They include intergalactic adventure Tales From Deep Space and horror title CreepStorm.

Til Morning’s Light will make its debut on the Amazon Fire Phone soon.

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