Gamer broadband plan from Virgin Media

Manny Pham
August 31, 2016

Virgin Media are catering to the millions of gamers in Britain by offering a gamer broadband plan called ‘VIVID 200 Gamer.’

According to Virgin Media it is the first broadband tier to be aimed primarily at online gamers. Now before you put down the control pad to foam at the mouth, daydreaming about all of those head-shots you’ll finally be able to pull off. VIVID 200 Gamer actually makes no difference to download speeds, but rather upload speeds.

Twitch and YouTube streamers will be the likelier candidates to benefit from Virgin Media’s new gamer broadband plan. It’s a move that accommodates the latest console generation. Sony emphasised greatly on the PS4’s social ability at launch. Instead of convincing your mates that you pulled off a five man killstreak, with nothing but a knife and your teeth, you can upload it onto social media platforms.

But as we all know upload speeds are horrendous, as previously it isn’t necessary for a smooth gaming experience.

Gamer broadband plan does not come cheap

VIVID 200 GAMER is not a separate Internet bundle from Virgin Media, it’s actually an upgrade on the best package Virgin Media offers; VIVID 200 (£45.25 per month, no landline). That plan already gets you 200MB/s in download speed, upgrade to GAMER for an extra five pounds a month and you’ll also get 200MB/s in upload speed.

So before you call your current provider up, blasting them with every vitriol under the sun for all that lag you had to endure, it’s best to check if you qualify for Virgin’s top end broadband first.

In total, for streamline streaming capabilities, it’ll set you back over £50.

If you’re not aiming to be the next PewDiePie, you won’t really need this new plan to be “boss-mode level.” But if you do strive for Internet stardom, this could be for you.

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