Clear Nexus Sailfish renders on show

Manny Pham
August 31, 2016

Nexus Sailfish renders are as rare as a Coelacanth, despite an expected launch sometime in September. New renders reveal a bit more on the anticipated Nexus Sailfish. 

The new Sailfish renders give us a look at Google’s latest device from different angles and reveals three colour options; silver, black and gold. Sailfish is expected to be the successor to the Nexus 5X, however according to Android Pure, the provider of this leak, the Sailfish will be smaller sporting a 5-inch screen.


sailfish renders


Thick black bezel are situated on the top and bottom of the rendered Sailfish, but the back is where the interest is at. It reveals a fresh design with a third of the back glossed in black, like a Nexus 6P camera bump, stretched down. The render also reveals a 3.5mm jack, breath a sigh of relief expensive headphone wielders. On the bottom is a USB Type-C port, a move to future proof the Sailfish.

Nexus Sailfish renders show software goodness

The design corroborates the previous leak we saw, albeit with slight differences. On screen is where you’ll see a difference in software. Situated on the top left is a ‘G’ tab, perhaps a shrunken Google search bar and Google In Apps.


sailfish renders


Sailfish will definitely run Android Nougat, with Nougat comes new features such as Google In Apps. Nothing is concrete at the moment so do take this leak with a pinch of salt. But with so many leaks pointing to a similar design, we could be seeing a device that won’t look too far off from these renders.

HTC are the expected manufacturer taking up the Nexus reins this time around, the Taiwanese manufacturer created the first Nexus smartphone, the Nexus One in 2010. With the expected smaller screen a full HD panel would not be a surprise. Sailfish is also expected to be Google Daydream VR ready.

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