LG V20 first to utilise Google In Apps

Manny Pham
August 31, 2016

Another LG V20 first, as the much anticipated smartphone will be the world’s first smartphone to use comprehensive search software, Google In Apps. 

In Apps is a Android Nougat feature that enables users to search not only in Google’s own applications, but also third party software. Searching up your mate’s name for example will reveal when he/her was previously mentioned in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, messaging etc. In Apps also works offline in case you really need to refer to something on the go.

What makes Google In Apps unique on the V20 is it will utilise the secondary screen, making your searches seamless and incredibly easy.

“As smartphone features become increasingly diverse, a growing number of smartphone users are willing to search for more information saved on their mobile devices,” said Juno Cho, president of LG.

“The V20 combined with Google’s evolving search tools will allow users to search for information they need faster in a more convenient and smart manner.”

LG V20 first off many marks

The LG V20 is shaping up to be a device worthy of excited crowds and fanfare. Hopefully it will bring LG some fortune, the Korean manufacturer reported losses of 100 billion won (£66 million) with its smartphone division in Q2 of this year. Meaning the LG G5 did not sell as well as it should, despite the hype surrounding the modular design. Shortly after posting its quarterly reports LG fired senior executives, saying to the Korea Times: “Because LG Electronics’ latest flagship G5 smartphone failed to generate sales.”

LG has also previously announced the V20 will have the world’s first QDAC (quad digital audio converter) in a smartphone. Enabling 32-bit audio, amplifying sound quality in music and video recording. Of course the V20 is also the first to run Android Nougat.

The LG V20 will be announced on September 6th.

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