Users find worrying Apple Watch bug

Thomas Wellburn
May 26, 2015

Another day, another problem for Apples much anticipated Watch device. Numerous users are reporting that the device’s heart rate monitor is failing to take correct readings, leading to inconsistent results.

The finding was detailed on MacRumours by numerous disgruntled watch owners who said that the sensor was taking readings less constantly than it should, jumping dramatically during workouts but leaving huge gaps of information during the day. This is all said to have occurred after the recent software update that released on Tuesday, which ironically promised improved performance and fitness fixes.

Oddly, the sensor still works fine when accessed via glance or during workouts, so it seems to be an idling issue when the device is not under use. Expect Apple to throw out a patch for this pretty quickly, as the website still states that the watch takes your heart reading “every 10 minutes”.

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