Uber partners with TomTom for mapping data

Manny Pham
November 12, 2015

After failing to acquire Nokia’s maps, Uber will be using TomTom’s mapping data from the navigation company. 

Under the multi-year deal, Uber will use TomTom’s map and traffic data, and implement it into their  smartphone app. Financial details over the deal were not revealed.

Uber are making an effort to improve their mapping technology to provide a better service. Uber offered Nokia $3 billion for Nokia’s map data, but it was sold to a consortium of German car makers. talent has been recruited from Microsoft as Uber are really pushing to improve their mapping technology. Uber have also started using Microsoft’s Bing cars are bringing street-level imagery to Uber, much like Google Street View.

Why are Uber doing all this? It;s all on-going efforts to produce driver-less cars. The American company acquired talent from Carnegie Mellon University to work on autonomous vehicles, and has leased a 53,000-square foot facility in Pittsburgh to carry out their goal.

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