Samsung Exynos 8990 unveiled

Thomas Wellburn
November 12, 2015

Samsung has officially unveiled their new flagship Exynos 8990 chipset, boasting custom made cores and better performance.

There’s been plenty of rumours over the past few weeks regarding Samsung’s upcoming flagship chipset but today they are finally official. The Samsung Exynos 8990 has just been unveiled by the company and it sports some unique specifications that make it a first for the company.

On initial impressions, it seems similar to the original. Architecture remains the same, with the same 14nm manufacturing process and 64-bit octa-core ARMv8 architecture. However, things get a little more interesting when we examine the cores. This time round, four of the cores have been custom manufactured by Samsung themselves while the other four continue to use the trusted Cortex-A53 chipset. What does this all mean? Samsung has managed to improve performance by 30% while also reducing power consumption by 10%. That’s a pretty impressive claim. This is backed up by the newest Mali-T880 GPU, which recent debuted alongside the Kirin 950 and scored a combined result of 82,945 on AnTuTu – a truly impressive result.

Since Samsung are pretty much the current kings of smartphone performance, we’d expect this one to score even higher. Looking forward to the tests on this one.

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