Top Five FREE Entertainment Apps

Joanna Tatum
August 6, 2015

Need entertainment on the go? What Mobile checks out the top 5 smartphone entertainment apps this week.

1. Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults


With colouring books for adults swiftly growing in popularity, it was only a matter of time before someone made the concept into an app. Marketed as anti-anxiety colouring therapy (or just a fun game to let your mind relax), Colorfy is an addictive little time-waster.

Colorfy does have a large amount of in-app purchases available to expand both the number of images available and the number of palettes, but there’s enough content to keep going for a while before the limit becomes an issue. Available on both iTunes and Android.

2. Netflix


As one of the biggest streaming services in the English-speaking world, it’s no surprise that Netflix clocks in at number two on this list. With its ever-growing list of TV and films, this subscription service is likely to only grow more popular.

While the app itself is free, accessing content requires a monthly subscription. Available on both iTunes and Android.

3. Dubsmash


With the recent rash of celebrities like Hayley Atwell indulging in dubsmash ‘battles’, the mime-along selfie video app is seeing a surge in popularity. Aimed mostly at over-18s due to the content of some songs, it might be intended for twentysomethings but it’s something that can appeal to all age groups.

Dubsmash is free for all, with no in-app purchases. Available on both iTunes and Android.



TVSMILES is a quiz app with a difference. Join up for free, play for free, and earn Smiles – their in-house currency. Then swap Smiles for prizes such as Amazon giftcards, PayPal credit, or even a Playstation 4.

Think it’s too good to be true? TVSMILES pays for itself by encouraging the user to watch TV adverts. If you think that a new Xbox is worth watching a few hundred ads along with your quizzing, this may be the app for you. Available on both iTunes and Android, with no-in-app purchases.

5. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

Missed your favourite TV show last month? BBC iPlayer lets you catch up for free. With the ability to either download the programme for later or stream it directly, this app is convenient either on the go or at home.

Just remember to be careful of your bandwidth limits. It’s all too easy to go over your phone’s data allowance with this handy app. However, with no hidden costs, it’s a useful thing to have. Available on both iTunes and Android.

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