Nintendo Smartphone concept is awesome

Thomas Wellburn
August 7, 2015

German design company Curved Labs has showcased an interesting take on what could be if Nintendo designed a gaming-based smartphone.

With Nintendo firmly interested in the mobile gaming sector, we’re all desperately anticipating the possibly of a mobile gaming device from the company. While there has been no shortage of potential prototypes and speculation, a new video concept from German design company Curved Labs could be the best one yet.

It perfectly captures the essence of what a Nintendo gaming smartphone should be like, with flip out buttons and an iconic design which bears some heritage with the Wii U while also giving nods to the original NES controller. The front panel has a ‘home’ button much like the current Wii, plus a customised version of the Android OS.  Even the little Mario key-fob is enough to make me cry sweet tears of joy.

Nintendo, I hope you’re taking notes.


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