Tapping it in: Apple Pay officially launches in the UK

Alex Yau
July 13, 2015

Apple Pay officially launches in the UK today, allowing UK iPhone users to pay for goods and services by simply tapping their iPhones.

This will be the first time the service has been launched outside the US. iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch users will all be able to take advantage of Apple Pay.

Leaked documents from British supermarkets originally hinted at July 14 as the launch date. HSBC’s UK Twitter account also confirmed the date on Sunday, but the tweet was deleted shortly after going online.

Apple Pay allows users to purchase goods by holding their devices close to a contactless reader whilst holding the Touch ID fingerprint scanner with their finger.

Who is using Apple Pay?

When a credit or debit card is added to Apple Pay, the card numbers aren’t stored on the device or Apple’s services. Each transaction is instead completed with a “one-time unique, dynamic security code”.

Google will launch Android Pay, its own mobile payment scheme later this year. Barclaycard meanwhile has already launch bPay, which allows users to link a bank account or card to a wristband, keyfob or sticker. All these three items can be used for contactless payment.

Over £2bn worth of contactless payments were made in 2014, according to the UK Cards Association.

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