Apple Pay: how do I set it up?

Alex Yau
July 14, 2015

Apple Pay has officially launched in the UK, allowing iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch owners to pay for goods and services by tapping their device at a contactless terminal. 

Apple has a confirmed list of retailers supporting the scheme, including Waitrose and McDonalds, but you can use Apple Pay at any store that accepts contactless payment.

How do I set up Apple Pay

So how easy is Apple Pay to set up? It’s very simple. Just head into Passbook on your iPhone and enter your debit or credit card details. You can either enter the details manually, use a card linked to your iTunes account or scan the card using an iSight camera.

Only banks like American Express, Nationwide, Natwest, RBS, Santander, Ulster Bank, Bank of Scotland and Lloyds are supporting the service.

Now you’re all good to go. Just tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on a contactless terminal in any UK store. iPhone users will need to use TouchID to prove they’re the actual owner.

Contactless payments are currently limited to £20, but this could increase to £30 in September 2015.

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