Barclays confirms it will eventually support Apple Pay

Alex Yau
July 14, 2015

Apple Pay has launched today and many banks, including Natwest, American Express, Natwest and Ulster Bank, are supporting the service. Barclays has been noticeably absent from the list, but the bank has confirmed that its debit and credit cards will eventually support the service.

No official date hasn’t been given, but at least we know the bank isn’t ignoring Apple Pay. Barclaycard recently launched three new contactless wearables; a wristband, a sticker and a keyfob. You can link your credit or debit card to your item and use them just like you would a contactless debit or credit card.

Apple Pay and HSBC

HSBC is another bank that has decided to withdraw from the initial Apple Pay launch. The bank was initially going to participate in the launch, but has confirmed that it won’t support the contactless service until the end of July.

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