T-Mobile launches unlimited call, text and data plan

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January 30, 2012

T-Mobile announced a new ‘unlimited’ smartphone tariff today, offering unlimited data, calls and texts as part of a 24 month subscription package. Importantly, there’s no ‘fair usage’ policy and the offering is open to new and existing T-Mobile customers. Called ‘The Full Monty’, the unlimited plan starts at £41 per month, rising to £61 per month, depending on the smartphone chosen as part of the subscription contract.

The £41 Full Monty contract offers a iPhone 4S for £29 and a BlackBerry 9900 as a free smartphone, although the offer applies to all of the 25 phones currently offered through T-Mobile.

Asked why T-Mobile are offering unlimited contracts, Ben Fritsch (above), Head of Propositions for T-Mobile said “the craze around iPhone is not dead by any means and the Android market is attracting a lot of attention – we’re leading mass market late adopters into the world of smartphones”.

Boasting the ‘biggest 3G network in the UK’, T-Mobile will launch the Full Monty plan on 1st February  – full details are available on the T-Mobile Full Monty site.

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