PlayStation Vita: Vodafone 3G bundle includes freebies

February 8, 2012

PlayStation Vita hits the shelves on February 22nd and costs £229 for the wi-fi version and £279 for the 3G version. While the pricing has been in place since last month, Vodafone today annoucned some surprise freebies for the 3G bundle.

The PlayStation Vita 3G bundle from Vodafone will include a free download copy of launch game Wipeout 2048 (when you top-up on PAYG by £5) and a free 4GB memory card as well as a new PAYG SIM card. The 4GB card is only available when buying the PlayStation Vita in store.

Essentially, Wipeout 2048 (£34.99) and a 4GB  memory card (£17.99)  represent a £52.98 saving so if you’re buying Wipeout 2048 anyway, the Vodafone bundle is a no-brainer as you’ll get a free 3G upgrade.

The £5 data top-up will give you 250MB for 30 days, allowing use of Near, the dedicated GPS app, on-the-go.

Vodafone has yet to clarify if PlayStation Vita will be available on a subscription or data based contract but we’ll keep you updated.

The What Mobile PlayStation Vita review can be found in the March issue of What Mobile, on sale February 16th.




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