Nokia Lumia 800 white gallery and UK launch details

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February 10, 2012

Following the launch of the Lumia 800 last year, Nokia has revealed a white edition which is part of an exclusive Phones 4 U deal. Due for debut in March, Phones 4 U haven’t listed the Lumia 800 white edition but prices and tariffs will be identical to the current Lumia 800 range listed on the Phones 4 U website.

Following white editions of iPhone 4S, Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note, it seems no new phone launch is complete without a ‘surprise’ debut of a white edition soon after launch.

If you’re considering a Lumia 800, why not take a look at our gallery below and read our original Lumia 800 review. We’ll have an update on the forthcoming Lumia 900 very soon…



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