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March 25, 2015

Welcome to BitClub Network! The most significant crypto community on the globe. We started mining back 2014 and have built one of the largest & most effective mining pools in the industry.

As the market for crypto grows and matures we are constantly upgrading our offerings and adding even more items for our associates that will help you accumulate and become smart together with your crypto.

Mining will always be the backbone of our company and there are lots of mining options now on offer. Even so, we invite you to check out some other items and check back again here quite often for more updates.

In this article are the products we currently offer up…

Bitcoin Mining Pool – (Buy Now)
GPU Mining Pool – (On Hold)
BC Trader – (Buy Now)
BC Premier – (Monster Builder Only)

How to Buy a BitClub Network Product…
We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Funds (BCH), and Ethereum (ETH) to acquire any product we offer. Once you click Buy Right now for just about any of the merchandise you will create a distinctive invoice from CoinPay. Just select the currency you need to make use of and stick to the guidelines to comprehensive your payment.

Before completing the payment, make sure to verify you are sending the correct amount and the correct currency. Copy and paste the address from the invoice web page, along with the total invoice amount when mailing the payment (or scan the QR code).

NOTE: The invoice might be marked as “Pending” until payment is confirmed upon the Blockchain. After 15 minutes the exchange amount will automatically revise for all coins. Your invoice will remain in this pending condition until you pay the full quantity. Upon confirmation your invoice will come to be marked “Paid” as well as your merchandise will be ready.

You pays a single invoice with multiple currencies. For instance if your invoice is normally $1,000 USD you pays $500 in BTC, $250 in BCH and $250 in ETH (or any combo). No additional invoicing system gets results like this and it’s one of the reasons we are thus excited about the prospect of CoinPay as something.

Bitcoin Mining Pools
Mining for Bitcoin and various other Digital Currency is profitable so long as the mine carries on to expand with new apparatus and maximizes productivity. When you get a show in virtually any of our mining pools you will begin getting daily payouts for the life span of your agreement.

We have an extremely unique model that uses your earnings to pay for mining costs and goes toward investing in more hardware tools. We contact this our partial share purchases and each Bitcoin mining pool area has a set lowest percentage that’s used. Each time you generate daily Bitcoin a percentage will be paid to your wallet, after that another percentage is defined apart to repurchase these different partial shares quickly.

IMPORTANT: We DO NOT guarantee any revenue from investing in a mining share. There is absolutely no daily ROI percentage establish for mining and we DO NOT speculate on Bitcoin by trading it. When investing in a talk about you are taking all the risk and potential incentive for whatever occurs over the 1,000 times of your mining agreement. The market is quite volatile and you ought to figure out the risks and potential of dropping your complete investment.

You can now purchase GPU mining pool shares!

If you choose the 5 Share Founder Pack you will receive 5 GPU shares that can be pointed to any of the coins we mine (currently only Ethereum). This package will instantly qualify you to acquire commissions from ALL Bitcoin mining pools and GPU mining pools.

You can even purchase 5 individual shares whenever for $1,000 each and you will be a Founder

Each GPU talk about is valid for 1,000 times of mining

After 1,000 days your share will expire and you will no more receive any reap the benefits of this mining pool. This pool Doesn’t have repurchases so you will gain 100% of most coins mined with your GPU power.

When you purchase a show you have whole control over your GPU equipment and which coins you want to mine on a daily basis.

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