iOS will soon no longer require password verification for free app and game downloads

Callum Tennent
March 25, 2015

When downloading from the iOS App Store you are prompted to enter your password. TouchID, should you have an iPhone capable of it, has mostly taken away the hassle of it. That said, there are still numerous occasions (such as turning your phone off and on again) that will force you to re-enter your password.

But when it comes to apps and games that are free to download, why should you have to? It would seem that Apple has asked that question too, as a new feature set to be included in the latest version of iOS will attest to.

This new feature will allow you to tell your iOS device not to ask for a password when the app or game you download doesn’t have an up-front cost.

In the interests of security this feature is of course completely optional, and can be enabled or disabled with a slider found within the Settings > Password Settings menu on your device.

iOS 8.3 will be upon us in the coming weeks and should bring this feature along with it.


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