Sphero Mini is a Ball of Fun

Thomas Wellburn
September 29, 2017

The Sphero Mini is a smaller version of the 2.0, which features the same basic spherical design and app-based control in a lighter package.

Sphero is a USA-based consumer robotics company that has been offering small, remote controlled devices for quite a while now. We reviewed the Ollie toys last Christmas in What Mobile magazine and found them to be very fun little things. More recently, the company has partnered with Disney to offer Star Wars themed versions of their robots. You can pick up BB-8 and BB-9E, then watch them battle until one of their heads is knocked clean off.

The company recently released Sphero 2.0, which moves to a spherical design. Much more simpler than the Ollie, they seem to be a good little device for teasing your pets! Now, Sphero has launched a mini variant which is even smaller. Priced at only £49.99, it comes with a set of cones and some bowling pins for added entertainment.

The downloadable app enables users to drive the Sphero using on-screen control or interestingly… their face. Moving your head towards different edges of the screen will cause the Sphero to move in those directions.

The Sphero Mini is available for pre-order now from with a shipping date of October 2nd.

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