Sony to increase battery life by 40%

Manny Pham
December 18, 2015

All manufacturers are trying to solve the age old problem of energy consumption. Sony are no different developing a battery that can potentially last 40% longer.

According to a report from Nikkei, Sony will use sulfur based electrodes, which will increase capacity. Sulfur hadn’t been used in the past because it degrades too quickly. Sony presumably has solved the problem but that’s not all. Sony are also developing magnesium sulfur batteries, doing away with lithium (current batteries are lithium-ion).

While this all sounds amazing the bad news is that Sony aim to have the battery ready by 2020. Smartphone technology would of course advance significantly too, so it remains to be seen whether this new battery can actually keep up or will this problem echo throughout every generation of smartphone tech.

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Via Engadget.


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