LG working on a new curved screen

Manny Pham
December 18, 2015

According to Leakster Evan Blass LG will focus on developing a new curved screen device. 

LG were the first to incorporate a curved screen on a smartphone with the LG Flex. Samsung brought the curve screen back in fashion with the S6 Edge, proving popular with fans and smashing sales. LG seem to be going back to the idea but will do so differently from the LG Flex and S6 Edge.

Notorious leakster Evan Blass tweeted that the new LG device will curve upwards instead of sideways like the S6 Edge. Blass did not specify any features that may come with a unique upwards edged screen, but it will be interesting to see what LG can bring to the table. The S6 Edge’s screen brought us a handy night clock and Edge people for quick contact access.

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Via Twitter.

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